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Apprenticeships are real jobs, so you must satisfy both the job and academic requirements.

You are studying and working at the same time.

Study could be with the employer, at a local college or university.

Opportunities span across career sectors and are offered by a wide range of employers.







Intermediate and Advanced last between 1 and 2 years.​

Higher and Degree apprenticeships can last between 12 months and 6 years.

Things to consider


What level apprenticeship?

What are the entry requirements?

What is the deadline to apply?

What industry/ career are you interested in and can you do an apprenticeship in this?

Which college/ university will award your qualification?

Are there specific companies you are interested in working for? - if so, contact them!

Where can I find an apprenticeship?

Register with Apprenticeships

Register with Capital City College Group

Speak with a course consultant about WKC apprenticeships

Camden Apprenticeships


Also look at 'Other Resources', below,  to register, search and apply for vacancies​

Other resources

Access VFX VFX, animation and games

Creative Pioneers advertising, design, creative media, digital creative

Big Creative Education Apprenticeships events, media, music and digital marketing

Fashion-Enter fashion industry apprenticeships

Framestore junior 2D artist and assistant technical director

DiVA Apprenticeships digital and media

QA IT, software/web development, business, digital marketing, project management, cyber security

3aaa computing, IT, software, business admin

Arch Apprentices tech apprenticeship provider

Just IT information technology

Parenta early years and childcare 

Connect2Care care workers, care supervisors and managers

LDN Apprenticeships business administration apprenticeships with a range of role

Step Ahead public and private sector including: retail, visitor attractions, healthcare, education, local government and not for profit organisations

K-10 constuction with various firms

King's Cross Construction construction apprenticeships for Camden and Islington residents

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