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Parents & Carers

This website is one of many ways we get key information and advice to our students, and the people in their lives who are supporting them. You can also visit our 'BLOG' too which has the latest opportunities which may be of interest to learners.


Key information that impacts career choices for young people, such as facts about university funding, changes in the labour market, to knowing how to contact a Careers Adviser for 1:1 help and support is covered and you are invited to browse all the information available, via the menu above.​ Please note that we make changes and update to this website throughout the year.

This page contains some dedicated resources for parents and carers, to help you access good quality information for when you're helping to guide your child through key decisions.

Should you have a query about your child/young person's needs at college, please always contact their Personal Tutor. If the question is career related, the tutor will be able to refer to our team where needed. We also encourage the student themselves to be pro-active, and develop the confidence to seek out what they need. Students can contact us via the 'Contact' page of this website or by checking our details at the bottom of this and each page. 

View our Careers Programme 2023/24 here

Latest articles



What has changed in the world of apprenticeships? Could there be some great options for your child?

Career Ready 

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WKC work with the Career Ready organisation, which helps connect young people to workplace mentors and experiences. 

UCAS & University


Resources and information dedicated to helping parents and guardians support students applying to uni. 

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships.jpg

Combining university level study to gain a full degree, AND paid work. 


Parents' guide to apprenticeships 

Parents' information pack (March 2020)


Since 2018, the college have been working with Career Ready to offer a number of places on the Career Ready programme


Key points to understanding UCAS and the application process

UCAS Student finance guidance for parents and partners

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