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Find creative opportunities with the ERIC app

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The ERIC app is a free app for young people looking to find a career and opportunities with the creative industries. Watch the video below to see a demo of how it works!

ERIC aims to connect you with opportunities that will help you gain experience, upskill and support you get a job.

The main areas of the creative industry they focus on are as follows:

* Advertising, Marketing & PR

* Arts & Culture

* Design

* Digital & Social Media

* Fashion

* Film & TV

* Gaming

* Music

* Podcasts & Radio

* Photography & Videography

* Publishing

* Theatre & Performing Arts

* Writing & Journalism

* VFX & Animation

They also have a number of guides that cover topics such as CVs, money & finance, networking and other important soft skills.

For more information go to their website here:



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