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Francis Crick's Easter Break Work Experience 2024 OPEN NOW

The Francis Crick Institute have announced that their April Work Experience is NOW OPEN! 

They are offering a very limited number of work experience placements across the Easter holidays (2nd-5th or 8th-12th April).

What They Are Offering:

  • Insightful Learning: This is a fantastic opportunity for students to explore different areas of scientific careers.

  • Hands-On Experience: Each placement is designed to allow students to gain a unique insights practical and transferable skills in a real-world scientific setting.

  • Diverse Research Labs: Students will have the chance to work alongside researchers in labs specializing in chemistry, biology, physics, animal science, engineering, and more!


They have limited placements available, so only highly motivated students should apply for this cohort.

But, please remember, they also have opportunities for summer placements with more openings.


The deadline is 29th of February at 23:59.

Please note: the deadline for applications is 29th February at 23:59, not March 1st at 00:01 as indicated in the key information section on the website.



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