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Internship, grants, traineeships & more with The Photography Foundation

The Photography Foundation is a charity that create pathways to professional photography careers for less advantaged young adults in London through education and work experience, valuing talent and motivation over who you know or where you come from.

We use photography as a conduit for social change, community connections and positive social interactions. We promote the art of photography, bringing photography to a new, wider and more diverse audience.

Photography for Social Change

For many, a lack of financial resources, opportunities or industry connections mean that a career in photography is out of reach.

We believe that talent and motivation should be more important than who you know or where you come from. 

We use photography as a skill for life — an educational and developmental tool that’s also a positive way to build confidence and connections.

We promote the art of photography, bringing it to a new, wider, and more diverse audience.

We do this through our rolling 6-month training programme, TPF Talks & workshops.

Go to their website here for more information and links -

We're looking for a Digital Intern!

Applications are now open for a 6-month paid digital internship at The Photography Foundation.

Deadline is 18th March 2024!

Click on the button below to find out more about the role and how to apply!

Photography resources and further information can be found here:


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