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Navigate Careers in Music with this fantastic resource

Careers in Music is a fantastic website and resource for those seeking a career in the music industry, either as a musician, performer or a role in the business side.

We’re The Authority On Music Career Information & Research

Since 2010, we’ve been interviewing experts in the music business to uncover the details of their careers. The juicy bits. We do this to help give you a deep understanding of what each music career is, how much money you can make, how to get started, and more.

Sites such as Wikipedia, Entrepreneur, Medium, wikiHow, and many others reference us in their own articles. Our insights are that good.

Through our career profiles, you’ll learn about so many more amazing careers in music.

There are more than 130 different music career articles on our website so you can easily find the role in the music industry that best fits your unique interests and skills!

That’s why we’re here. As the most comprehensive educational site about music careers on the web, you can rely on our experts’ opinions and advice on what working in the music business is really like.

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