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Play Your Way Into Production

Explore an immersive and interactive film set as a new junior member of the team

Play Your Way Into Production is an incredible game, created and produced by One to One Development Trust in collaboration with SIGN as part of a research project to break down barriers to getting into the screen industry.

The game is designed help potential new entrants understand the tasks and duties of certain job roles and develop skills which are traditionally gained through (unpaid) work experience.

The game is particularly relevant to those studying film/TV courses and those teaching media studies/film production but will also be of interest to people hoping to get into the industry, regardless of their qualifications.

Set in a film/TV studio, the fictitious Pink Sprout Productions company are making a CGI dinosaur documentary.

Players are plunged into unfamiliar the world of film/TV studio, and are given a number of tasks to complete and scenarios to navigate that reflect some of those that may be encountered when working in the industry, which will challenge their perceptions.

The game features a TV/film studio environment populated by 17 crew members with varied backgrounds and experience.

As well as playing the game, players can explore technical equipment and props, overhearing conversations, taking on tasks and helping out with the shoot.

Alongside the game One to One Development Trust have produced a short documentary film about the project, with useful insights and interviews with young people interested in working in the TV and film industry.

Accompanying material that compliments the game, including a comprehensive education resource, short films and character cards can be found here -



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