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Sign-up to Bioscience Webinar Series hosted by BioSci Toolkit & With Insight Education Charity

Hear all you need to know about studying Bioscience in three online webinars followed by an in-person event at the University of Cambridge.

This webinar series will consist of 3 online webinars specifically designed for students aged 16-19. The webinars aim to provide the students with valuable insights and knowledge in the field of bioscience, focusing on university transition, student experience and careers following graduation.

We will have many different speakers, including current Bioscience students, lecturers in Bioscience, university support staff, and professionals from the Bioscience field.

Students who attend at least 2 out of the 3 webinars will be automatically invited to register for the in-person Black in Bioscience conference held at University of Cambridge.

25 January 2024 (6pm-7pm): Webinar 1 - Preparation for university life as a bioscience student

Speakers from Brunel University London, the University of Exeter and the National Institute for Health and Research.

31 January 2024 (6pm-7pm): Webinar 2 - Career outlooks for a bioscience graduate and university support systems

Speakers from In2scienceUK, BioMarin - Pharma, Royal Society of Biology, King's College London and BWis Network.

6 February 2024 (6pm-7pm): Webinar 3 - Student experience as a bioscience student

Speakers are current bioscience students from University of Strathclyde, University of Warwick, Imperial College London, Newcastle University and King's College London.

20 March 2024: In-person Black in Bioscience Conference at the University of Cambridge.

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