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Application Forms & Interviews

Application Forms

The main difference between a CV and a job application form is the 'statement' where you have to demonstrate, in detail with examples, your skills and abilities which are needed to do the job that you are applying for. However, other parts of the job application form will remain similar to the CV such as personal details, work history, qualifications and references. It always helps to have your CV to hand when filling in your application form. 

Things to think about and check before submitting your application form:

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Ask someone to look through your statement as they may spot mistakes which you have overlooked

  • Never lie on your form

  • If you do not have much work experience, write about other activities where you have used and learnt skills which relate to the job

  • Make sure you have referred to the 'person specification' when writing the statement and that you have addressed each point. 

If you are invited to interview, have a final read through of your application form as the employer may ask you questions about what you have written about in your statement.


  If you've successfully reached this stage there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself. 


Be Prepared

Practice interview questions in advance. Use the example Interview Questions to practice. Make sure you have researched  the company, its products/services and values- check the company's website.

Dress for Success

Make sure you dress appropriately. Most employers will expect you to dress smartly and a suit can make a good first impression. Make sure you are well-groomed; tidy hair, ironed clean outfit and clean shoes.


Be Punctual

Make sure you have investigated how to get to the interview. Check transportation updates to see if there are any delays and allow yourself plenty of time to get there early. common interview questions how to structure your interview Tell me about yourself: how to answer

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