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Research Careers

Making the right career choices is about making informed decisions, and then taking good steps towards your goals. 

It's fine when your choices and direction changes, but always make those choices based on good understanding of yourself and of the job market.

Below are digital platforms to help you research.​

Find out what you are like and what you could do
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Complete a personal skills and interests questionnaire. Explore jobs in more detail

Explore job profiles. Take a quiz to help with finding out which job may suit to match your skills and motivations

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Find degree course options by matching interests/ subjects to a wide range of choices.

You must contact to get the link for Higher Ideas

Labour Market Information
Enter a job title above to see salary information and if there will be more or less of these jobs in the future.

The Careerometer (LMI For All) widget (above) provides access to headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects which can support identifying potential careers. Data is organised by occupation: simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and the widget provides a series of options from which you can select the most relevant to you.

[Mobile users may need to scroll right to access the additional comparison boxes].

If you would like support researching careers, please speak with an advisor from the Careers & Employability team.

Explore the careers library; more than 800 job profiles are featured.

Search careers by a chosen subject or a theme; you may be studying law or interested in travelling and want to know which careers and jobs are linked.

Look at career profiles to find out about what the job involves, salary expectations and career progression.​

Take the 'Personality Quiz' to match you to careers.

When you sign up, you will need a 'Form Code'- please speak with your tutor or email with your name, student ID number and college email address.

Other resources

icould Access film clips on people talking about their jobs

Clear and direct information about 100s of different job profiles

careersbox Watch lots of different career videos and learn about different roles

prospects Aimed at students who are in HE but useful for planning ahead. Includes:

prospects Overviews of what to know about working in each job sector.

prospects Range of career options that can follow from different degree subjects.

prospects Careers quiz to find your best career match! 

Engineering & Construction

Discover the different routes into engineering and the vast array of exciting jobs on offer.


Career options in the construction industry and how to get in

Careers relating to Maths


Love maths? Find out about the myriad ways you can use Maths in a successful career.

Health & Care
Explore careers and job roles in the the NHS
Aimed at young people: matches interests to careers available in the NHS

NHS national jobs board 

Some newly qualified nurses have shared their stories about their experiences in their first year after qualifying.

Overview of different job roles in which you can work with children

Creative Careers

Explore careers, explore opportunities in

Animation, Games Design, Film, TV, Technical, Management
Job profiles, events, training, getting in advice

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