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Part-time work & Job search

There are lots of ways to find jobs...​

  • Use filters on job websites and view only part-time or flexible

  • Drop a CV into local shops and restaurants - this can show you have initiative and motivation!

  • Look at your local high street and visit websites for those shops and businesses. Identify their 'jobs' or 'careers' pages, usually there is a link at the bottom of the homepage.

  • Ask friends and family for tips and contacts

  • Check out the key links in 'Other resources' below

Need some inspiration?

The Student Room has lots of case studies of students who have worked part-time during their studies in high street shops, supermarkets and fast food chains.






A few important bits to be aware of...


  • Some adverts are not for legitimate jobs, sometimes this is for agency work that is pretending to be an actual employer and particularly be extra cautious if they ask for a photo or the job sounds too good to be true. Do your research on the company

  • It is generally not recommended to do more than 12 hours a week paid work during study

  • You should know your rights, as well as the tax which you may have to pay if you earn over a certain amount and the minimum wage relevant to your age

  • If you are going to an interview alone then let someone know when and where you are going

If you would like to discuss your Part-time work & Job search, speak with your personal tutor or an adviser from the Careers and Employability team. 

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