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Open days, Taster days & Summer Schools

Attending an Open Day, Taster Day or Summer School at a university is a great idea because...


  • You can decide if you like what you see by experiencing it first hand

  • You can write about it in your UCAS Personal Statement 

  • You get to visit a university campus and check their facilities.

Visit university websites for different and unique opportunities: shadowing a student for the day; taking part in a competition, social event or networking event.

Open Day 

Visit a university campus, check out facilities, get to meet staff, students and to ask questions about courses. You can also figure out how you feel there, would you be happy if this was your university?

Open Days are often free and usually do not have entry requirements.

Taster Day 

You visit a university campus for either a lecture or some workshops or lab sessions to experience academic teaching in your area of interest. You may consider going to more than one university to compare. 

Taster Days are often free and usually do not have entry requirements.

Search taster courses


Summer School 

You would do a summer school between year 1 and year 2 of a Level 3 qualification.

You can visit for longer than one day and may get to stay overnight in university accommodation. 

Engage in activities related to academic subjects, social events and getting to know university life.

Some may have entry requirements, such as specific GCSE grades

If there is a fee for a Summer School, you can usually get financial support to help with this. ​

Know the uni you are interested in? 

You can also find information on each university's website.​ Type ‘Taster Day’ or ‘Summer School’ into the search tool on their website. If you can’t find it this way, you may have to browse the website as every university will have the information laid out differently. Try finding:


  • An ‘Events’ ‘Visit Us’ or ‘What’s on?’ page

  • Look under ‘courses’ or ‘prospective students’

  • The ‘Department’ pages eg: The Law Department page on the university website may list it’s own events.​​

If you would like to Open Days, Taster Days or Summer Schools, speak with your personal tutor or an adviser from the Careers and Employability team. 

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