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Work Experience & Internships

Work Experience

This can be any experience that a person gains while working in a specific field or occupation. It can also mean a type of volunteering, mainly for students and/or younger people to understand what it is like in a certain working environment.


Work experience placements are usually unpaid, sometimes food and/or travel expenses are covered. The benefits of work experience include great networking opportunities, receiving a good reference and developing employability skills. If you're doing a vocational course then you may do work experience as part of your course. If not, than you can try approaching businesses that you would like to work for and ask if they can offer you a placement.

















This is a job where you train and work for a professional organisation. Interns are usually university students or university graduates, post-graduates and/or adults. The positions can be paid or unpaid and are usually temporary. However, The Brokerage and The Challenge offer the 'Step Forward' programme for college leavers. Check out the websites below. 


You can use an internship to determine if you would like to work in that particular industry, create a network of contacts or find paid employment. Some require an amount of experience and/or specific skills for the job required. Employment is not guaranteed at the end of the internship.

Career Ready Internship


The college has partnered with Career Ready to provide students with paid internships, lasting a minimum of four weeks, enabling learners to build crucial experience, which is vital in transitioning from education to rewarding employment.

For more information, click Career Development Programmes

If you would like to discuss Work Experience or Internships, speak with your personal tutor or an adviser from the Careers and Employability team. 

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