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Non-lab based summer work experience at Francis Crick

The Francis Crick institute is a biomedical research institute. Our scientists want to understand more about how living things work to help improve treatment, diagnoses and prevention of human diseases, but none of that would be possible without the people working in Operations roles.

Non-lab based summer Work Experience placements are NOW OPEN! This is a great opportunity for students aged 14-19 who want to do a work experience placement but maybe aren't as interested working in a laboratory, and are more interested in other roles that exist in places like the Crick.


The work experience placements will run from 13th May to 30th August 2024, with each placement lasting one week.

Students can select their preferred weeks between the mentioned period when completing the application.


What We Are Offering:

  • Insightful Learning: This program offers students the chance to explore various operational roles within a prestigious research institution.

  • Hands-On Experience: Each placement is tailored to provide students with practical skills and insights into real-world workplace settings.

  • Diverse Opportunities: Students will have the opportunity to work in diverse operational areas, including legal, IT, human resources, public engagement, building maintenance, equality and diversity work, research communications, service delivery, and philanthropy. The advert outlines all of these opportunities, and gives the students an idea of what these roles might entail.

The application deadline is 23:59 on Wednesday, 8th May.


Please ensure that applications are submitted by the correct deadline, which is 8th May at 23:59.

Operations are the roles that do things day-to-day to keep the Crick running. This summer we are offering placement in:  

  • Our Legal team, who provide legal advice and support to the Crick. Ideal for students who want to study law.

  • Our IT team, who provide computer support across the Crick. Ideal for students interested in working in IT or studying computer science, or who just enjoy learning about computers!

  • Human Resources and Academic Training teams, who look after the people in the building. We have teams responsible for planning training activities and recruiting new staff, and planning events for new PhD students. Ideal for students who enjoy working with people, are interested in office work, for example if you are interested in a Psychology degree or going straight into a job after finishing school.

  • Our Translation team, helps connect scientists with doctors, drug discovery experts, technology experts and investors, who can help turn discoveries in the lab into potential new treatments and technologies to benefit patients. Ideal for students interested in Business Studies, Pharmacology, drug discovery, or entrepreneurship.

  • Our Public Engagement team, who work to engage and inspire the public about our research. We run a host of things, including our on-site exhibition, ‘Hello Brain!’, a series of events aimed at families and the local community, as well as our Education programme aimed at primary school students. Ideal for students who enjoy working with people, especially children/families, or are interested in museum or education jobs.

  • Our Building Maintenance team keep the Crick building running! They manage the day-to-day maintenance of the space, from fixing lightbulbs to coordinating huge projects to improve our carbon emissions. Ideal for students interested in engineering, construction jobs, or vocational jobs like becoming a plumber/electrician.

  • Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, who work to build an inclusive Crick culture where everyone can thrive. Ideal for students who are interested in learning more about supporting diversity in the workplace, office work and working in a team.

  • Our Research Communications teams, who write about science at the Crick for multiple audiences, including other scientists, the general public, and people who fund the Crick. Some work can involve working with journalists. Ideal for students interested in writing/journalism, or interested in studying English.

  • Our Service Delivery team, who support with the day-to-day running of the labs, including purchasing supplies for labs, upkeeping lab equipment, and advising on health and safety. Ideal for students who enjoy science and are interested in the business functions that support research.

  • Our Philanthropy team, which works across the Crick and Cancer Research UK and aims to help raise significant donations of £100,000 to support the Crick’s work. Ideal for students interested in a broad range of activities including events and fundraising.



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