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WKC Future Russell Group


Visits to highly competitive universities

UCAS and admissions test support

Oxbridge guidance

Personal Statement writing

Interview practice


The programme runs from beginning of year 12 through to the end of year 13.

Join by emailing to register your interest and include your full name, college ID number, course/s you are on and any specific career interest, if you have one.​

Please note: If you are intending to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, you can only apply to one, not both, so choose carefully to find which suits you best.


WKC are a 'Zero Gravity School', a digital platform offering students a shortlist of mentors based on their target university and chosen degree subject. In weekly video mentoring sessions, mentors share their subject insights and prepare you to apply to highly selective universities. The mentoring increases chances of receiving a top university offer 2.7x.

Selection criteria is used to target services at students who may not otherwise receive the support they need to reach their full academic potential.

If you would like to discuss WKC Future Russell Group, speak with your personal tutor or an adviser from the Careers and Employability team. 

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