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Become an In2ScienceUK Mentee

Are you starting university in London in a STEM subject this Autumn 2023?

In2scienceUK have a fantastic free Mentoring Programme opportunity for First Year of University students!

This year-long programme is open to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are starting an undergraduate degree in a STEM subject at a London university in Autumn 2023. You will be matched with a fantastic mentor from the In2science community who is a few years ahead of you in their STEM journey. Your mentor will be personally invested in your success, and is there to guide and support you so that you get the most out of your first year of university.

If you sign up to the programme, you'll receive:

● Mentoring from an In2scienceUK mentor who is either a few years ahead of you at

university, or recently graduated and working in industry

● A welcome session to meet the other mentees

● Resources, workshops, guides and support for your first year of university

● Access to the In2science community, including all of our events, internships, opportunities,

networks and more to help you advance your STEM learning and career

● An invite to a networking event in London to build your networking skills, make new

connections and meet employers

Information on how to join the programme and how you could benefit from an In2science Peer Mentor supporting you as you transition into university life can be found at this link -

Be sure to check the eligibility criteria before you apply here: -

You can also sign up to the In2careers platform, where you will discover many more programmes, jobs, opportunities, workshops, resources and more.



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