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Mentoring & Work Experience with Healthcare Pioneers

If you aspire to apply for Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing or other healthcare profession degrees - Healthcare Pioneers have two fantastic mentoring/work experience programmes aimed at Year 12 A-Level students, which will only be open to applications for a short time, so act fast!  

This is an 8-month programme that includes a series of workshops led by a team of Doctors and healthcare professionals helping Year 12 students understand the process of what is required to make strong applications for Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing or Midwifery

More detailed information is in the link here -

To apply for the Mentorship to Health programme you must complete a short personal statement talking about your motivations for medicine or your chosen health profession.

These programmes require commitment, but it is what you need to show for these careers.

You must give the name of your Head of Year 12 as a referee as college will need to provide a reference. 

This is a 6-week health education and leadership programme that empowers young people to work with health professionals to design, implement, and lead a health project that solves a health problem.

More detailed information is in the link here -



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